A Selection of Our Clients, Past and Present

Hot Door, Inc: Plug-ins, libraries, web stores, and web services for Adobe products.

SnackIQ: Web app and API to search Amazon products with superfine-grained control.

Fabrics on Mill Street: In-store Point of Sale (POS) system and accompanying web store, with synchronized databases, for fabrics and notions.

Cinch: Web framework to improve development ease, decrease development time, increase performance, and prevent security breaches of web services.

Can I Drive Yet: iOS app to track and monitor blood-alcohol content (BAC) levels to improve road safety.

CBRE: Website for local branches to list commercial real estate properties.

Barbell Medicine: Web app for staff & coaches, iOS app for customers & trainees.

Dorsal FinTech: Automated trading and tracking of financial instruments, including stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Chart MySelf: Web app to track and monitor health symptoms and concerns.

Anneliese Schools: Web app to manage school course offerings and parent/student registration.

Silver Cloud Valet: Web site and admin center to manage employees and scheduling.

Guard: Turn-based iOS game inspired by the classic hexagonal board game "Agon".

Verritech, LLC: Variety of web services provided to assorted third-party clients.